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Facebook Page Plugin – pay attention to the new changes

Just like us, Facebook is constantly updating its platform. Recently they have made an important change to their Facebook Page Plugin system. You don’t know what that is? Concretely, it’s a short piece of code that you can insert on your website so your visitors can directly like your Facebook page or access your posts from your website without going into Facebook. The novelty is that this plugin no longer works for some pages.

facebook page plugin

What is the update about?

It’s very simple: the Facebook Page Plugins don’t work anymore for pages with restrictions. You will still be able to access and embed the code but it won’t work once integrated on your website. So the plugin can only be used for pages that are completely public, without any age or country restrictions for instance. The only way to make the plugin work again if you have a restricted page is to change the restrictions in the general settings of your page.

facebook page restrictions

Impact on the Soft Gate

Unfortunately, it is exactly the same plugin that is used by the Soft Gate in Qualifio. So if you usually use this feature and your Facebook page is restricted in any way, unless you make changes in your restrictions we’re afraid this feature won’t work anymore and will probably be displayed like this:

facebook soft gate qualifio

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