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Collection and processing of data: what the law says

Personalized communication, CRM, data management programs, targeted advertising, big data… Henceforth personal data are at the heart of the organizations’ marketing strategies. Their clients are more connected, but also more demanding. They expect nothing less than a personalized approach. Brands are thus forced to adapt as much as they can to their various target audiences.

In order to do that, they now have tools allowing them to collect, store, analyze and use personal data. There are various objectives: save time, be more effective, increase productivity… but mostly, this is about improving commercial messages by getting to know their audiences. These days, a lot of companies are able to create a highly detailed profile of their clients or prospects.

The final goal is obviously to sell more, but above all to sell better.

The collection and processing of data requires a specific legal framework, which can quickly become a nightmare for marketers.

Frédéric Dechamps and Caroline Lambilot are lawyers and members of the Brussels bar (law firm lex4u.com). They answer to the most commonly asked questions by Qualifio users.

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