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Congratulations to the charity CAP48 for its excellent results

Congratulations to CAP48 as well as the +10,000 volunteers who got involved into fundraising this year. The 2017 campaign allowed the organisation to raise more than €5,8M!

What is CAP48 and why is it important?

CAP48 is a Belgian charity created in 1957 aiming at helping both disabled people and troubled youth. The main objective of the charity is to change the public’s perception of persons with disabilities in order to encourage their integration in the society. Their slogan sums up their mentality: “Together, even if we are different.” You can support CAP48 throughout the year if you share these integrations values.

Qualifio & CAP48

Qualifio shares the same important values and we are very enthusiastic to say that it’s been already 6 years since the beginning of our technical partnership with CAP48. Qualifio voluntarily helps the organisation to better manage their press conferences subscription process and their call for applications through social media. We’re very proud and warmly congratulate CAP48 for this year’s fundraising results!


What is Qualifio?

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